Database Compilation & Validation

One of an exploration or mining company’s most valuable assets is its surface geochemical sampling & drillhole database. All too often companies neglect this asset by overlooking digital acquisition of important historical data as well as working with & basing Mineral Resource evaluation on incomplete or invalid data sets.

Burke Geoscience places a strong emphasis on data integrity – especially when the data in question form the basis of a Mineral Resource estimate or an important exploration decision. As such, the company is highly experienced in the science of surface geochemical & drillhole data acquisition, database compilation & validation.

Specific Services

  • Data entry.
  • Data mining – digital acquisition of open file & historical exploration, drillhole & mining data.
  • Database design & compilation.
  • Database auditing & validation – spatial, data entry & interval validation inclusive.
  • Verification of historical local survey grids & their referencing to modern spatial frameworks.
  • Digitising & wireframing of historical mine workings.

Burke Geoscience uses Micromine software to compile & validate exploration & drillhole data. We can operate in multiple data file formats including Micromine, Excel, Access, CSV & dBASE. Burke Geoscience does not provide long-term database management & hosting services.