Geological Mapping

Critical to the discovery of a mineral deposit & a subsequent appreciation of the controls on metal distribution is an understanding of the deposit’s geology – lithology, structure & alteration inclusive. 2D geology maps & 3D geology models are the fundamental tools that explorers use to achieve this understanding.

Burke Geoscience has significant expertise in the production of regional to prospect-scale surface geology maps & pit maps. Burke Geoscience geology maps are developed with an emphasis on the integration of 3D geological modelling, structural interpretation & geophysical data sets with a view to their use as the basis of more effective targeting of mineral deposits. Burke Geoscience is discovery through understanding.

Specific Services

  • Regional to prospect-scale surface geology mapping (outcrop & interpretive).
  • Pit mapping (fact & interpretive).
  • 3D geological modelling.
  • Structural geology mapping.

Burke Geoscience uses ArcView & Micromine software for geological mapping & 3D modelling.