Structural Analysis

Critical to an appreciation of the geometry of, and controls on, the metal distribution within your mineral deposit is an understanding of its structural geology – the deformation types present, their location, orientations, senses of movement & relative timing inclusive. Although often a neglected component of the mineral exploration process, Burke Geoscience recognises the importance of understanding structural geology as a predictive mineral discovery tool & as such places a strong emphasis on the collection & analysis of structural data.

Contact Burke Geoscience today for assistance in solving your exploration or mining project’s structural geology challenges. Burke Geoscience is discovery through understanding.

Specific Services

  • Structural geology mapping.
  • Structural logging of drill core.
  • Structural geology analysis including stereoplot analysis, kinematic analysis & determination of prospect-scale deformation histories including the resolution of temporal & spatial relationships between structure & mineralisation.
  • Schematic structural geology models.
  • Drill direction orientation & anisotropic grade interpolation optimisation.

Burke Geoscience uses Stereo32 software for stereoplot analysis of structural measurements & is equipped with a 'rocket launcher' core orientation device for taking field measurements of drill core.